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Theodore Gallucci
Theodore Gallucci
CEO/Head Chef

My name is Ted Gallucci and I’m the head chef and CEO at Long Island Meal Prep. Growing up Italian and in the food capital of the world, I developed my love for food and cooking at an early age. Probably like most of you, I grew tired of going out and spending hard earned money on food that was a complete letdown. It seemed like the people who made it didn’t even care! For me, this had to change. 

I’ll be the first to say that cooking may not be the easiest thing in the world to learn at first. In fact, we can all probably think of times we created an absolute mess in the kitchen trying to create something we thought would be great...only to turn out to be unpleasant. 

An opportunity arose oneday when some coworkers asked me to cook for them after seeing the meals I kept bring into work. Not thinking much of it at the time, they kept ordering and reordering. As I fell in love with the process of my side hustle, I knew it was something I needed to pursue full time. That’s when Long Island Meal Prep was created. 

Anthony Locast
Anthony Locast
CFO/Marketing/Customer Communications

My Name is Anthony Locast and I’m the CFO and co-owner of LI Meal Prep.  For my entire life, eating with variety, nutrition, and moderation were all core values I grew up with.  I, too, was lucky to grow up in a household where good food was a must.

As a professional trainer who ran strength and weight-loss programs, I quickly learned that proper consumption of our 3 macronutrients along with creating a significant calorie-deficit were the most challenging factors of my clients’ fitness journeys.  Whether their goal was to gain muscle mass or lose weight or both, a proper diet was essential.  However, the most important aspect of the process was actually liking the food enough to maintain their habits

My clients were struggling to eat low calorie foods because of the taste, finding it difficult to eat proper portions and avoid overeating, or just didn't have the time to cook for themselves so they ate an easier, more convenient dinner even though it was unhealthy.  It was at this point that I realized that most food service companies do not offer a tailor-fit meal prep designed for each individual’s needs in terms of calories and macros.  We founded Long Island Meal Prep to solve these very issues while offering better tasting food at a very affordable price!

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